A touch of Snow

Snow dust was sprinkled across the fields this morning, thank goodness its not like the snow before Christmas which gave us at least 12 inches and stayed for about a week. We literally had to dig the cars out of the drive after the snow plough had been through.

Despite the snow spring is gallantly sticking its head above the parapet, snowdrops have been out since January and some of the Daffodils have been out a week with others just showing some colour in the tips this week. As Easter is early hopefully we will have a glorious show of Daffs along the front of the house.

The chickens didn't venture forth in the deep snow but have been laying well since Christmas and guests always enjoy the golden yolks they produce. The horses always forage well whatever the weather but the donkeys hide in the stable and munch on their Hay.

We have Easter availability at the moment and can guarantee a warm welcome whatever the weather.

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