August at Cottage Farm Middlewood

We are mowing grass occasionally rather than every week, which gives us more time for relaxing and staying cool. Its a chance to go out and explore castles and gardens (on the days when its not too hot). The book shops of Hay seem much quieter than normal as most people have gone to the seaside or a river to paddle or swim to keep cool. The grandchildren have enjoyed splashing in the paddling pool in the garden and thank fully its big enough for us adults as well.
The animals seem to be coping well and until this last week the grass in the field has been fairly green, we may have to start feeding the horses and donkeys hay if the rain doesn't come soon. The chickens have slowed down the laying but with ample water in the pond the ducks are quite happy.
There is a baby barn owl that comes every night somewhere around the brook and is constantly calling his parents to be fed, in the silence of the night it can sound eerie, I haven't caught sight of him yet but I keep looking. With the heat of the day its tempting to be out with the owl at night to work on the garden or go for a walk.

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